Sunday, November 30, 2014

A joyful heart. -Thankful.

I'm approaching things differently. -With a joyful heart.
I'm finding peace in simple things. These past few days have been busy.- But what a difference it makes when you approach things with a joyful heart. I'm learning to listen more, before I speak. Handle things in a more of a loving approach. My days are more positive. I am able and capable of seeing things in a different light. - With a joyful heart. I'm happier, more cheerful and it's amazing finding peace in simple everyday things.

On Thanksgiving we cooked, spending most of our time in the kitchen, together -which honestly in our home we do a lot of. -It was wonderful. We asked our oldest daughter what she was most thankful for. Of course she said her family. At that moment, I looked around saw, a baby sleeping peacefully, my husband preparing our turkey and our oldest in the kitchen with her apron and hat on.- I  feel so blessed and beyond thankful. - We are alive, happy, breathing, healthy and together under one roof. - My heart is filled with such joy.

At times our days may be busy and sometimes even hectic. But I've come to realize that I enjoy those times. Chasing our oldest around, preparing diapers and nursing the baby, and what seems like loads and loads of laundry/dishes.- I'm thankful that I am able to  do these things, live cozy in our home, wake each morning to a new beautiful day. -I'm  truly thankful.

Each day, wake with a positive outlook. Tell yourself at least one positive thing. - I've started walking every morning. -Time to think, wake my mind and spend time working on becoming a better me. - Simple things- a smile, conversation, a thoughtful gesture, a hug, a kiss, your personal well-being.- May it all come from a joyful heart.

Let us all be thankful for the time that we do have. - Make the most out of this life!

Welcome new readers! So happy to have you all here.
I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving with all your love ones. 

Friday, November 21, 2014


Grow my loves.
Inspire, create, smile and live a joyful life.
I'll hold you in my arms. I'll cherish these moments.
Read, explore, set off for a new adventure.- Grow my loves.
Remember, I'm always here...
Find happiness in small things, lift one another up and remember there's beauty in all things.
You are beautiful, unique and loved more than you will ever know.- Grow my loves.
-Love, Mom

Friday, November 14, 2014

Our week.

Friday is here. - I'm thrilled. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I may sleep in on Saturday or just the fact that I absolutely love when Friday comes around. :) We made it through the week. This week treated us well. Today I woke up feeling refreshed. - I baked some pumpkin doughnuts and sat for a few enjoying a quiet and peaceful morning.

This week- was a busy one. It snowed for two days and the temps dropped pretty low. We stayed inside. Keeping warm and enjoying some apple cider. I enjoy making it in the crock pot and letting it simmer throughout the day. - The house smells amazing! I've taken out all of our winter blankets and prepared the beds. 

Our oldest enjoyed a few crafts on the snow days. -We added food coloring to some snow and worked on a few coloring sheets. -I'm pretty sure she enjoyed herself. I've been using our crock pot quite a bit lately. -Last night we enjoyed  a green beans and ham dish. - Green beans, potatoes, ham shank, chicken broth, onion, garlic and a few other seasonings. -It was divine! 

This week we did some bowling. -In the kitchen, on the floor. It was so much fun. We didn't keep score. We just enjoyed our time spent together, making memories. This week we also have been planning our Thanksgiving dishes. Setting out our recipe book and picking up a few items from the store. -I'm so ready! I really enjoy Thanksgiving. - A day to be thankful, to enjoy your love ones around the table and we all cook as a family. - I look forward to this time each year.

This week- I took out a few of my card supplies and started planning new designs. - My card shop is reopened. It's been a while and so I decided to reopen it again. -stephaniescharmingcreations
I'll create new designs soon! 

This week- my daughter wanted us to design a bracelet. We took out all the supplies and worked on creating her a beaded bracelet. It was nice to have that bonding time with my oldest. At times I feel like all I do is nurse the baby and housework. I'm slowly adjusting and finding more time for my oldest daughter and myself again. Often time’s mothers forget to focus on themselves and we as mothers must remember to take time for us too!  

How did you spend your week? How's the weather where you live? 

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I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cloth diaper days..

We're enjoying our cloth diaper journey. It's all new to us. But we're getting the hang of it. I'm still pretty busy with nursing our little one and our oldest demanding I stop feeding her sister to play with her more! :) But now we are on a better schedule where my time with them is equally shared.

What we're using :
Cloth inserts
G diaper pants
Bum genius cloth sprayer
Waterproof pail liner
Wet/dry bag
Spray pal splatter shield

 For our homemade wipes:
GroVia  -Reusable cloth diaper wipes
Cj's butter cleaner (Sweet orange scent)

When making our wipes. We make just enough for the day. I don't want it sitting for too long and I rather wash them when I am washing the cloth inserts. I bought 3 packets worth. -Making sure I had more than enough.

When we're out and about I use the wet/dry bag. I place soiled diapers into the wet section and dry diapers remain in the zipped dry section.

We recently purchased our diaper sprayer and spray pal. I use the diaper sprayer to spray down the cloth and cloth wipes. But first I insert the cloth into the spray pal. This helps with keeping water from spraying all over the place.  Once I'm finished spraying everything down, I place it all in the trash bin in the pail liner. And once I'm ready to wash a load I just insert it all into the washer along with the pail liner. -So everything gets washed. It's actually really simple. -And I'm honestly wondering why I never considered doing this with our first!

Do you or did you use cloth diapers on your little ones?
What did you enjoy the most when using cloth diapers?
I love hearing from my readers. :)

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello November.-Lately

It's way cooler now. - There's a gentle breeze that fills the air. One might even say it's colder out in the evenings. Honestly I've always enjoyed cooler weather. We're all wearing thicker coats and the little ones wear their mittens and fuzzy little hats. I've set out our snow shovels and ice scrappers. - I'm not thrilled about it, but I know soon enough we'll get some use out of it.

I've cleared out my tomato plants and picked the rest of my peppers to bring in. - I'll probably add them in when we make our homemade salsa. -Or maybe even use them to spice up our tacos. Lately I have really enjoyed blueberries. -Blueberry crumble, blueberry crepes, blueberry sauce topped on ice cream. I’m sure you get the point! 

When the air is warmer, we spend our time playing at the park. -Honestly, I really enjoy walks during this time of year. In our home, I've set out a few fall decorations. -One that is very special to me is a banner our oldest daughter made about a year ago. My husband picked up a Rubik's cube and ever since he has enjoyed fiddling around with it.  This weekend we were busy gathering the rest of our cloth diaper materials. -I'll post about it soon! We did enjoy some time outdoors, but most of our time was spent indoors. - Reading, cooking, organizing, puzzles and enjoying our time spent together.

I can't believe it's already November. - I'm already starting to gather new recipes and ingredients for Thanksgiving. - I absolutely love when we're all in the kitchen together. I hope this month treats you all well. I'm sure looking forward to making new memories and accomplishing new goals. :)

Welcome new readers! So happy to have you here.

A New Perspective for Moms

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