Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cloth diaper days..

We're enjoying our cloth diaper journey. It's all new to us. But we're getting the hang of it. I'm still pretty busy with nursing our little one and our oldest demanding I stop feeding her sister to play with her more! :) But now we are on a better schedule where my time with them is equally shared.

What we're using :
Cloth inserts
G diaper pants
Bum genius cloth sprayer
Waterproof pail liner
Wet/dry bag
Spray pal splatter shield

 For our homemade wipes:
GroVia  -Reusable cloth diaper wipes
Cj's butter cleaner (Sweet orange scent)

When making our wipes. We make just enough for the day. I don't want it sitting for too long and I rather wash them when I am washing the cloth inserts. I bought 3 packets worth. -Making sure I had more than enough.

When we're out and about I use the wet/dry bag. I place soiled diapers into the wet section and dry diapers remain in the zipped dry section.

We recently purchased our diaper sprayer and spray pal. I use the diaper sprayer to spray down the cloth and cloth wipes. But first I insert the cloth into the spray pal. This helps with keeping water from spraying all over the place.  Once I'm finished spraying everything down, I place it all in the trash bin in the pail liner. And once I'm ready to wash a load I just insert it all into the washer along with the pail liner. -So everything gets washed. It's actually really simple. -And I'm honestly wondering why I never considered doing this with our first!

Do you or did you use cloth diapers on your little ones?
What did you enjoy the most when using cloth diapers?
I love hearing from my readers. :)

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