Thursday, June 5, 2014

Color changing: Carnations.

I remember discussing color changing celery with my husband. He mentioned experimenting with that when he was in school. I know at some point we all have.  For this experiment we used carnations. 
Taking three measuring cups fill them with water. Our daughter then put a few drops of food coloring.-At this point she was excited and ready to add in the carnations. 

We allowed them to sit in the food coloring overnight. In the morning we noticed the tips of each flower had changed. Currently they are sitting in the food coloring. I'm hoping that by this evening we will see more change in color. Have you tried this with your children? If so, how did they react to the color change?

Our daughter had a few questions about the color. She specifically wanted to know how it happens.  I figured after exploring creepy crawlers we could enjoy this simple hands on experiment. 

**Update- One carnation changed entirely in color.- Going from white to yellow. The pink carnation changed around the flowers edges-red. And the white one soaking in green food coloring also changed around the edges.**