Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sunny days.

Sunny days.
-Kite  flying
-Outdoor play
-Robot crafts
-Planting seeds
-Trips to the library
-Making music

It's been hot! -Honestly the temperatures here shouldn't bother me as much. After living in Arizona for so long you would think I could handle Colorado temperatures. -Pregnancy in hot weather has been tough!  -I'm dealing though. I make sure I'm staying hydrated and cool on hot sunny days.

On sunny, breezy days we enjoy our time outdoors. Lately we have enjoyed our time flying kites. Our daughter enjoyed her first time flying a kite was on Father's day weekend. That day the sky was clear, there was a gentle breeze and everyone seemed to enjoy their time at the park. 

I'm spending evenings out in our backyard. Gardening and pruning plants. I replaced my last strawberry plant and this one is actually producing strawberries. Currently in my vegetable garden we have three different types of peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, chives and cilantro growing. 

My husband picked up a little grass kit for kids. -This was something he wanted to do with our daughter. They planted the seeds in this tiny little monkey jar. Each day our daughter waters it and it has started sprouting. 

Lately, we have enjoyed simple trips to our local library. Just recently we all went as a family and enjoyed a few stories and crafts on robots. -It was a fun day for all.

Our daughter has been making music for us lately. She's all about singing and marching around. We have our very own marching band in our home. She's been shaking maracas, playing the flute and tapping drums. -This is such a fun stage and we're enjoying it so much.  

My hospital tour was canceled sometime back. We were told to reschedule so now we have one for this upcoming weekend. I'm currently 27 weeks along in this pregnancy. I'm feeling fine, just a little discomfort here and there. Baby is very active and I'm losing even more sleep at night.- She's preparing me! 

How are you spending your time on these hot,sunny days? 
Thank you to those who enjoyed my simple light box. If you haven't checked out that post here's the link Light up a room.

Also, welcome new readers and followers. I'm so happy to have you all here. 


  1. Summer is sounding like it's treating you well. I love that your daughter got to fly a kit with Daddy! So much fun! I also love that you can garden. That's something I want to learn to do with my family. It's such a relaxing activity and would be great with the kiddos. Happy Summer, Stephanie!

    1. Martina, aw thank you. Yes summer is treating us well. I hope the same for you and your family. I agree gardening is such a relaxing activity. Happy summer, Martina!

  2. Your summer sounds beautiful, but hot! I remember being pregnant in the summer and you do get so much hotter. I think it is great for kids to grow things. I love working in my flower garden, it is so fun and relaxing.

    1. Aw Betty, thank you. I'm definitely feeling the heat this summer! Lol. I do agree gardening is so fun and relaxing. I love going out and just freeing my mind while I garden. Not to mention cooking with fresh herbs and vegetables-it's wonderful! :) Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Well now I'm thinking about kite flying! I am waiting till pay day but I think we are going to start at home pre school now. We have been learning but now I want to set aside a schedule of every week we will do XYZ for learning like simple origami. Kite flying now because it's windy almost every day in Arizona. :)

    Glad you are doing so well! I know it can be so hard to be pregnant! I'm glad the summer isn't too harsh on you!

    1. Dina, oh yes I think he will enjoy some kite flying. It's been nice going out and flying her kite on windy days. That's wonderful that you are thinking of starting at home preschool. We have already started and it's been great. We are also going to purchase this system soon which includes learning tools and much more. She's already so hands on. I'm sure your son is going to really enjoy his time with you.