Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Library fun.

“Come with me,' Mom says.
To the library. 
Books and summertime go together."
― Lisa SchroederI Heart You, You Haunt Me

And crafts of course! We've been spending our time at our local library. It's been filled with reading, crafts and lots of fun presentations. We recently met a miniature horse. The children gathered around giggling and smiling, -ready to meet this miniature cutie! 

They set up stations around the library. Some were combing, petting and feeding the horse. Other's taking turns with the lasso station.  They even set up an area for photos. It was a wonderful experience for all. 

Inside, we worked on crafts. Glue, paper, jewels, markers- it sure was fun. 
Do you visit your local library often?  What events do they offer at yours? :)