Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Products (Currently using and packing away for my hospital stay)

Truth is..I over packed for my first pregnancy! My stay was short and we packed like we were staying for quite some time. I'm more prepared this time around. Packing less for mommy and baby. These products are a few products I'll pack in my personal bag. Not all products are pictured below. These are just a few. 

1. Clean and Clear- Morning burst facial scrub. I absolutely love how refreshing this scrub is. Its light citrus smell will for sure refresh you in the morning. I'm sure this will come in handy for my hospital stay. It's actually a tiny bottle I picked up from Target.

2.Nivea Smooth Sensation. This lotion is light weight and has a nice soft clean scent. My skin tends to dry out. I can use all the moisture I can get.  

3. Softsoap body wash. This time I'm packing smaller bottles of each product. It helps to not take up so much room.

4. Body Oil. I currently use this right after my shower. Just a few drops and your skin is left feeling silky and soft. I'll probably pack this away for my stay at the hospital. 

5. Bareminerals.  I don't wear much makeup. But I do want to feel and look refreshed. Especially for my hospital pictures. This power foundation is very light weight and goes on very smooth.

6. Covergirl blush. I'll probably toss this in my bag. Just a gentle light sweep across my cheekbones and I'll be on my way.

7. Benefit. On my birthday last year, I actually received this from Sephora as a gift along with mascara. It's a soft focus highlighter for your face. You can apply above cheekbones, or the arch of your brow. Adds a simple glow and looks wonderful. I always carry this around with me.

8. Deep conditioning protein pack. It's a great leave in conditioner and my hair could use a little tlc from time to time. 
9. Blistex Lip Vibrance. I was looking for a product for my lips. I threw this one in our cart and hadn't realized that it had color tint. I love it. It provides a light shade of color along with SPF 15. 

10. My simple to-go bag. I picked this up sometime last year. I'm sure it was purchased at the Target dollar aisle. It's light, simple and fits most of my products inside. 

11. e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator.  I carry this around with me at all times. It's so gentle on your lips as it exfoliates the chapped skin away. I love how it leaves my lips feeling soft and looking great.

A little update: I took a short break from blogging. I needed time to think and rid myself from technology for a  few. I'm currently 35 weeks along in this pregnancy. Experiencing braxton hicks contractions daily. I totally hate this heartburn that I'm experiencing day and night. Baby's head is down and I'm one uncomfortable mama! I  try reminding myself that pregnancy is beautiful and that soon I'll be holding our newest addition to our family. Life is a blessing. :)