Monday, August 18, 2014

DIY- Simple cute on the go snack container

DIY- Simple cute on the go snack container

When on the go we like to pack a few snacks away. 
They sure come in handy with our daughter if we're out for too long. 
I decided to make a simple cute snack container.  For this I  reused an empty Nesquick chocolate milk container. 

For this Diy project you will need:
-Craft paper
-washi tape (optional)

1. Start off with lining up your craft paper onto the container. Once lined up, glue craft paper onto container. 

2. Once step 1 is finished, you can apply some washi tape to the bottom of your container. I did this just to add a little more design to our container.

-Now  fill  your container with a few snacks! 

You're all done! Enjoy your simple on the go snack container!  It sure does come in handy and we were able to reuse this container instead of throwing it out. :)