Friday, January 22, 2016

Think Positive. -Replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Someone says you can't achieve your dreams.
-Oh yes you can! Let me let you in on a little can do anything and everything you put your mind to! There's no need to prove anything to anyone. - But always remember you matter, and so do your dreams. Go chase your dreams! 

So you think you don't matter.
-You sure do matter! You are here on this earth for a reason. -Get out there, and shine! 

You want to try something new, but you think it may be too challenging. 
-Give it a try. Honestly you won't know if it's challenging unless you try. Hey, and remember a little challenge is good for us. - Take on that new challenge. 

You're not pretty enough.
-To who? Remember this, you are beautiful. Inside, and out. Try this, take a few sticky notes, write something positive about yourself on each of those notes. - Place them on your mirror. Each day read one of them. Soon, you'll see just how much those things matter. You are absolutely lovely.

People always want to be better than others.
-Yeah, it sure does seem like it. But hey guess what... you only need to worry about YOU. These days social media is a place for people to one up someone. Don't mind all of that. Just live for YOU and those who matter to you. Maybe even take a break from social media, and phone calls for a few days. Or go as far as taking a break from technology. - Grab a book!  Give yourself this time to clear your thoughts.

People seem to take advantage these days.
-Absolutely! It's true. We can either remove ourselves from the situation or simply say NO. We have options. 

Life can be so hard.
-It sure can. We all struggle.- whether it be with, fear, anxiety, pressure, etc. -Life can be hard. I've learned that struggles can actually help define us. - Make us stronger. Help you learn more about yourself. Sometimes we go through life struggles to bring us back to the beginning. - Start over, try it again. There's always that beautiful shining light at the very end of that tunnel. - You'll get there. 

Friends come, and friends go.
-We've all learned this from when we were younger. Friends do come, and go. Some will stay for a  very long time. I like to leave people feeling positive, uplifted, and loved. Whether we stay friends for a very long time, or for a short time. - Honestly, we'll learn something from each other. 

Here's to today! Today is a new day.- Make this day count. Remember you're here for a reason. Do something that brings joy to your life. Rejoice in happy moments.  -You're doing just fine.

Welcome new readers. I'm so happy to have you here.
And to all my readers, thank you for coming a long on my blogging journey.
I appreciate all of you.