Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Review: Sea-Band Mama! And a few tips to ease morning sickness.

I was thrilled when I was contacted by Moms meet to try out a new product called Sea-Band Mama!.
I'm not currently pregnant, but I can still remember some ways I got through my dreaded morning sickness with my two pregnancies. In this post I'll review some Sea-Band Mama! products. I'll also share a few things I did to help with my morning sickness. Happy reading, enjoy!

*Disclaimer* I was given the opportunity to try out this product. This product was given to me for free from Moms Meet ( for the purpose to use and give my honest opinion on this product. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

Sea-Band Mama!
Sea-Band Mama! is drug free, safe alternative way to finding relief when experiencing morning sickness using gentle acupressure. The Sea-Band wrist band is a knitted material and is also elastic.
This product has been approved by the FDA. Many expectant mothers suffer from morning sickness and the discomfort that comes along with it.
The Sea-Band wristbands work by applying constant, gentle pressure on the P6 (Nei Kuan) point between two central tendons near the individuals wrist. This causes ones nervous system to release certain chemicals that will help trigger your body's natural healing abilities.
I loved this product and I would definitely recommend this to expectant mothers. They have the bands for kids as well.  

Sea-Band Mama! Ginger and Spearmint Rollette
As I mentioned earlier, I'm not currently pregnant. But I must say the scents of these oils are very soothing and relaxing. This natural essential oil helps settle a mother's stomach who is expecting.
This product contains a handmade, soothing blend of natural essential oils.
When the oils are inhaled it stimulates the body's olfactory system. It then transfers a signal to the limbic system, which triggers the release of natural chemicals that help calm an upset tummy.
You simply just apply by rubbing your wrists, temples, or chest. If you're on the go, just pop this in your purse and you'll never be without it!

Sea-Band Mama! Ginger Lozenges
Sea-Band Mama! ginger lozenges are natural and help with pain associated with an upset stomach. Us moms know that during pregnancy we need to calm and sooth our upset stomachs. During my pregnancies my mother would send me these ginger chews she would purchase from the Asian market. When I tried the ginger lozenges the taste was so similar to those ginger chews. I would definitely purchase these! What I also liked was the amount of sugar was low. I also like that these are natural.

Things that helped me deal with my morning sickness
-Ice cold water. Believe it or not this really helped. Just taking sips of really cold water really makes a difference.
-Ginger. I was always turning to ginger. As I mentioned earlier my mom always sent me the ginger chews from the Asian market.
-I also used a product that was similar to the ginger lozenges that were in a lollipop form.
-Just lay down and relax. This helped me every time. Take it easy mama!

Where to purchase this product
Sea-Band Mama! products are available to purchase at Target, Walmart, Walgreens and many other stores and pharmacies. To find Sea-Band Mama! in your area visit for a full list of locations.

I hope that you have enjoyed my review on these amazing Sea-Band Mama! products.  Be sure to visit them by clicking on the link above.

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