Thursday, January 19, 2017

A vase for every space:A quick diy project

This project was simple and quick to complete. 
I love displaying fresh flowers in our home and so I figured what a great way to display them. 
You will just need a few materials and I promise you will love the way it all comes together in the end. I honestly could not decide on which room to put them on display. I ended up putting them in the master bedroom. 

Materials needed
-Vase, any size will do.
-Lace ribbon
-Burlap tape
-Fresh flowers

I chose burlap tape because it was quick and simple to attach to the vase. Apply it around your vase and that's it! Now working with the lace material, I used some craft glue and applied that to the lace and slowly wrapped it around the vase. This actually took a little more time compared to using the burlap tape. 

Once you're all finished, take your flowers cut the stems and add in some water and plant food. 
Now you're ready to display them. It really is that simple and what a simple way to add color and beauty to any space in your home.