Thursday, January 10, 2013

Learning is so much fun!

So since my daughter was an infant we started using sign language. When she was little, she was able to tell me "more mommy" using her hands, "milk", "eat", and "all done". It's amazing how they learn so quickly. It definitely came in handy. We have purchased videos, and flash cards, and books that provide different sign language techniques. Now that she is almost two, she has so many new words in her vocabulary, it amazes us! We still continue with teaching her words through signing it. The benefits of teaching your child sign language are endless. Here is an article I came across which states the benefits of teaching sign language: Today we have also worked with color sorting. I've taken a few clear plastic cups, written out each color on each cup. (I buy the big bag of pom poms from Joann’s craft store) I'm sure you can find them at any craft store. I start off with placing one pom pom of each color in the cups. After I have done that my daughter then places each color in its right cup. (It amazes me watching her learn, and just being able to teach her, I'm extremely thankful for that) What do you enjoy doing with your child? I love watching my daughter learn something new each day, she's my little sunshine!☼