Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday relaxation

Today has been a relaxed Saturday for my family and I. I rarely have days that we can just lag around and not constantly be on the move. Every weekend we have a nice family breakfast, and my husband and I enjoy a nice cup of coffee together. Our daughter loves mornings in our bed when she wakes. She usually wants us to read to her, and snuggle of course. I absolutely love weekend mornings, when my husband is able to be home and share those moments with us. Today we read a few books, I did my usual laundry. And I went over a few activities with our daughter. We just took the time to watch VeggieTales: "Sweetpea Beauty" on Netflix, and what a cute inspirational movie it turned out to be. If you have a daughter, you should watch this with her. We really enjoyed it, and we loved the song at the end of the movie.