Friday, January 18, 2013

Today I finally got around to taking out some scrapbook pages, and stickers. I’ve been working on my daughter’s second scrapbook. I finished her 1st year scrapbook, and my husband came up with the idea to continue a second book for her 2nd year. She will be 2 this year, and I’ve made a page for each month filled with photos, and scrapbook stickers, and more! It’s something I enjoy doing and I want her to able to look back on it all. So I had procrastinated and put off working on her December page, and now we are almost at the end of January, so today I made a point to take out her scrapbook pages and stickers, and I printed off a few photos, and started working on her scrapbook page for December.Hopefully I can start this month’s page soon. What do you enjoy doing for your little one?