Wednesday, February 6, 2013

You live, you learn....

-As a first time mother I've learned that no matter how many times you tell your child "I love you", it never grows old, that hugs warm the soul, and that hearing my daughter's laughter through out our house can truly brighten my entire day. I've learned that mommy gives the best kisses when it comes down to boo boo's. And that singing silly songs makes my daughter's day. I'm constantly growing as a mother, and everyday my husband and I fall more and more in love with our daughter. :)
-Many people will have their own opinions on how to parent.
-Whether you decide to breastfeed (which I did) or to formula feed, people will still stand there and point fingers.(The way I feel is it's your baby and ultimately in the end it's up to you, no need to sit back and judge someone on what they decide to do.)
-Everyone has their own opinions on vaccines, and it should stay that way. (If you as the parent want to space out your child's vaccines/or you as the parent see nothing wrong with them (It's up to you!) I've learned that people will once again sit and point fingers, and judge you for whatever you as the parent decide on doing.
-That you must move past any negativity. I was dealing with a lot of negativity due to my decision to breastfeed, and I must say my husband was of great support! (He rocks) :)
-People will tell you how your labor will go,you must move pass that!! (Every labor/birth are different)-that's what makes it so beautiful.
-People will tell you how you should comfort your child, or that you are comforting them way too much.You as the parent should do what feels right to you! (You are the parent, and that is your child)