Thursday, May 2, 2013

Learning colors, friendly monsters..and water painting

We had such a busy, fun morning!
We have been working on shapes, numbers, and colors.
Today we did an activity on colors.

Using a paper plate, construction paper (different colors) you can also use regular paper and color. I cut them into squares, and glued them onto the paper plate. I did the same for the clothespins. I made sure to write out each color above each square on the plate. My daughter loved it, we have done something similar to this but with shapes.

 Onto our friendly monsters...
A few months back we came across this cute book called " So many monsters"

We picked this cute book up at Target in the dollar section.
It's about friendly monster's. Monster's who enjoy tea, and those who dress nice :)
Our daughter loves when we  read this book to her...she especially likes when daddy changes his voice,
and does a silly monster voice. :)
With this book we made some popsicle stick monsters.

We also enjoyed some water painting. Using food coloring, and water.
I taped up some easel paper on the back sliding door, and we sat and created some beautiful art.
A busy morning filled with learning and fun!