Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cool breezy evening..

Yesterday I had a long visit at the dental office, boy I dread those shots they give.
I had work done on a cracked tooth. Afterwards all I wanted to do was relax!
Once we got home, we made sure to enjoy the evening. The weather has been absolutely lovely these past few days. We enjoyed a nice evening out on the back porch. We grilled, enjoyed the beautiful sky as the sun set, and blew some bubbles for our little sweet one.
Oh and before I forget, we enjoyed some sweet watermelon. Boy, it was delicious! (I even froze a few pieces and made watermelon slushies later on in the evening. Our evening was so lovely. I can't wait for this spring weather to stay. Last night actually made me think about cool breezy summer nights. (You know the nights you sit out, and kick back and relax) I'm so excited for more nights like this. :)

        {The sky was beautiful}

{Sitting out enjoying a lovely evening}

{Yum, sweet watermelon}