Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer fun- (Activities for little ones)

This week we have been very hands on with learning, and fun activities!

Outdoor water/bubble play- My daughter always has such a fun time playing with water, and bubbles. We took a few items out of the kitchen, and experimented with different ways to blow bubbles. We splashed, dumped, and strained the water, it was so much fun. 
Yesterday we decorated a rock, and made a little Rock pet. We even made a little bed for it. :) This is a fun activity for little ones. Very hands on.
Tissue paper
Craft eyes
pom pom

We did a fun and simple counting activity.
We made some cute bracelets. My daughter decorated them with stickers, jewels, washi tape and  colored them. I just punched out a hole, and added some yarn.