Friday, September 13, 2013

Our week.

This week definitely feels like Fall has arrived here in Colorado. I know it hasn't, but the rain, and cool days and nights sure have me thinking otherwise. I guess you can say I'm a little impatient for the arrival of Fall. :)
I've been spending the week looking after our sick little one. She's come down with the sniffles, and sore throat. (She's even losing her sweet little voice). I've been using one of our humidifiers, and running steam showers. She likes to sit in our bathroom while I shower, while the steam clears her little nose.
In the midst of all of this, somehow she still finds the energy to play and do some hands on crafts.  I've been so busy this week, I think I was able to get an hour on one of the days to enjoy a cup of coffee, and some breakfast. When our little one is sick, she enjoys snuggling, and having books read to her. I can honestly say snuggling, and reading to her is one of my favorite times. I remember when she was so tiny, and after nursing her she would snuggle up right on my chest and fall asleep. Such a sweet little thing.
A few of my flowers have started to shrivel, and their colors are slowly fading. We still have our regular garden visitors. I think my favorite is the hummingbird who spends most of the morning saying hello to each flower. My vegetable garden still has plenty of tomatoes, and peppers. My daughter normally goes out with me to pick them, but I've been tending to my garden alone since she has not been feeling her best.
Nights have been rainy, and cold. We haven't sat out much on the porch. Mosquitos have been out like crazy, so we have been enjoying our evening inside.  This week I cooked up some chicken soup in the crockpot, and my daughter only wanted carrots and broth. I'm certain the broth soothed her throat.  I'm hoping by the weekend our daughter is feeling better.
How did you spend your week?