Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend love{The feeling of Autumn}

Beautiful evening sky
Lemon bread
Sugar/olive oil scrub
The nights are cooler, and we seem to enjoy more time out on the porch. Evenings are spent in the kitchen with our back sliding door open so the gentle breeze can make it's way in while we prepare dinner. Over the weekend, we enjoyed a nice bike ride. It's been something our daughter has wanted to do, since we had taken her on her first one a week or so ago. I really enjoyed the view of the mountains, and just being out enjoying the fresh air. The evenings here in Colorado are really starting to feel like Autumn. 

Over the weekend my husband made his delicious chocolate coffee truffles. (I've made sure to do portion control, it's just so good! I also baked some lemon bread. (The kind you find at Starbucks.) I set out on a mission to find a recipe that was similar, and finally came across one. Of course I was thrilled, and had to bake some. :)

This weekend I've been enjoying the nice scent of cinnamon apples. Since it's starting to feel like Autumn in the evening's I started burning my candles. I also enjoy using our tiny crock pot, and placing cinnamon sticks, orange peels, etc. Just plug it in, and your home will smell absolutely wonderful.

I've been going through a few of my bins to gathering a  few of my Fall decorations, can you tell I'm excited? I'm pretty sure you are too. :) I'm also patiently awaiting the arrival for the pumpkin spice latte to make it's way back to Starbucks. (I'll probably try finding a nice recipe for pumpkin spice creamer). Oh the joys of Autumn!

This weekend, I also put together a sugar/olive oil scrub, and soaked my feet for a few. My husband is always telling to take some time and do something I enjoy. So I soaked my feet, and checked up on the latest news. It was very relaxing. My feet were in desperate need of this, since the day before I participated in some step aerobics. (It's Monday and my legs are still sore from the Step, and the bike ride.)

So how did you spend your weekend? Is it starting to feel like Fall over where you live? I'd like to say hello to my newest readers, and Google + followers. I'm thrilled to have you on this journey with me. Enjoy~