Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend love {❤}

Baked apple cinnamon chips, sweet kisses, and cool gentle breezes-Oh how I love weekends.
This weekend I made some delicious baked apple cinnamon chips. And may I add, our home smelled absolutely lovely! We enjoyed this sweet healthy snack as the autumn  sun set. 
(Recipe below)

Lately I've been doing a lot of baking. I've been flipping through a few cook books, hoping to find a recipe that stands out. We have used our cook books quit a bit in the past. This weekend I made us a delicious dish,-Grilled kielbasa with pesto sauce and noodle. 

This weekend, the weather was beautiful. The temp stayed in the mid 60's, with a light cool breeze. I've started gathering gloves, sweaters, and even winter hats-just to have them ready for when the cold weather decides to stick around. I've started preparing our home for winter weather. Tucking away summer blankets, and  replacing them with warmer ones. I took some time to clean out closets this weekend, rearranging a few things, and dusting along the way. 

Besides baking, and rearranging around here, we also enjoyed some bonding time. We relaxed while watching Wallace and Gromit.  I laughed quit a bit, and so did our little one. Lately our daughter has enjoyed writing  letters, and sending them off in her mailbox. This weekend I helped her write a quick letter to daddy. I asked her what she wanted it to say, and she responded with, "Today I went potty". (Of course I laughed a little) I thought it was so cute! So we wrote her letter, and placed it in her mailbox for daddy to read.  She sure does brighten our day. I'm sad to see the weekend come to a close, but I'm happy to say it was definitely a lovely, and productive weekend spent with my loves ones.  How did you spend your weekend ? I hope you were also able to enjoy this nice cool Autumn weather. :)

Hello to all my blog friends, and welcome new ones! So happy to have you here.