Friday, November 1, 2013

Our week{so long October, hello November}

 “Sometimes the little things in life mean the most.” 

{Evenings seem so peaceful}

{A trail of magnetic letters have been scattered through out our home}

{mints for sweet tooth kind of days}

{Chocolate chip pudding cookies}

{Coffee/banana smoothie}

{Play time}


It's been a wonderful month. We spent this month baking, painting,coloring, learning, preparing for colder weather, and enjoying each other's company. This week my daughter and I enjoyed reading a few Halloween books, along with coloring a few coloring sheets. We did some fun learning activities, and enjoyed a few tunes on Pandora's toddler station.- Of course we danced around, and sang out loud!  This week I had the pleasure of trying out a few new recipes. One recipe that I really enjoyed was the blended Coffee/banana smoothie from cookincanuck. I loved the combination of the nutmeg, and cinnamon when combined with the banana, and coffee.

This week we enjoyed sitting around reminiscing about the past. We laughed, and cried a little. We thought about how we  have accomplished so much, and every time I look at our daughter I think of how much love we put into having her. She's such a blessing. This week I said my goodbyes to a few flowers in my garden. The beginning of autumn they began to fade, and now they have shriveled up. 

I've been preparing to take a few of my decorations out for when I set the table for Thanksgiving. I also took out a few Thanksgiving cook books, and I even peeked through my Christmas bin. -Which I haven't let my husband know about. :) He is always saying how impatient I am when it comes to decorating during this time of year.

This week the weather was a bit chilly, but somehow  the sun made its way through the clouds, and it warmed up a bit. I think it's absolutely beautiful when the sun sets in the evening. Everything around seems so peaceful, and there's a sense of calmness around. I enjoyed this month, the changes that came along with it, just the beauty of it all. So as I say a sweet Goodbye to October, I know that November will bring so much more. We had a wonderful week, and I hope you did as well.