Sunday, December 1, 2013

December... {warm &cozy}

Welcome December...
It's so nice to have you here. The past few days have honestly  felt like a mini vacation with my family. It's been filled with delicious foods, relaxation and great quality time spent together. It has been absolutely wonderful.

We welcomed December by making a snowflake garland and baking delicious gingerbread cookies.  We have spent our days enjoying family time. We've read books, taken long trips to the park and worked on a few crafts.

My husband and I have enjoyed a few game nights. A glass of wine, and boggle. It's one of my favorite games and  it's always a wonderful time. 

This year we decided to take our elf on the shelf out. We read the book to our daughter and ever since she found her elf hiding on the shelf in the living room she has been filled with excitement. 

So December is here and I'm not sure what's in store for us this month. I sure hope there is more happiness, laughter and more of this great love we share as a family.  

Welcome new readers and those of you who have been around for some time now. You all make blogging a wonderful experience. I appreciate all of you.

Below is a DIY project for an Advent Calendar

Diy Advent Calendar

Materials needed:
-craft paper/I used an old Christmas bag
-wood, handsaw
-shape punch out (I used a snowflake)

My husband took a plate and traced it onto scrap wood.  He then used his handsaw and cut it out.  After he smoothed all surfaces. I then took an old Christmas bag and cut it out to fit onto the round wood piece. Glued it in place. I painted each clothespin, and numbered each one using paint. Glued on my snowflake punch outs, and that was it! Simple, and  made by you!  Enjoy~