Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Indoor snow play {Little hands activity}

Indoor snow play {little hands activity}

This hands on activity is sure to keep your little one/ or even big kid busy. :)
Today it's cold out, and of course what a perfect day to play in the snow.
This hands on activity was a hit with my daughter. Fun, and a bit messy. 
Make sure you clear an area for this fun, creative play!

Materials needed for this project:

-Corn starch
-Shaving cream (we picked up a cheap bottle of it)
-Glitter (optional)
-Felt piece (for scarf, if building a snowman)
-beads (I used a few light blue, and white beads as snowflakes)
-Christmas cookie cutters
-A tree branch (also optional)-for arms if you decide to build a snowman

I added corn starch, and shaving cream. (I wasn't too concern about measuring out how much to use. You want it to feel soft, and to where you can easily shape your play snow.) I used about half of my corn starch, and maybe even half of the shaving cream. Mix it all together, and your little one is ready for some hands on fun!