Monday, January 6, 2014


Cozy evening sunlight

Snowy day

More organizing/reusing blanket bags

Our daughter and her little lamb. A quick piggy back ride on her back

Tomato basil chicken stew

Preparing pineapple on our food dehydrator 

Sweet potato hash with spicy mango/jalapeno smoked chicken sausage

For two days it snowed, and now it looks like a winter wonderland outside. I've been busy with sorting through things. I'm still on a mission to have our entire home organized. I've been reusing a few bags, and boxes to store things away. 

We have all enjoyed lying around, and being somewhat lazy. -It's really hard for me to do this; so when it’s never for too long. Lately; we have enjoyed cooking a few healthier meals. I cooked us a delicious tomato basil chicken soup.-It turned out great, but next time I will make some minor adjustments. 

Lately; we have been using our food dehydrator a little more. We prepared some pineapple. We normally use it for jerky; so we wanted to change it up. 
Our daughter received a little stuffed lamb in the mail a few days ago. My mom sent this along with a few pajamas. Ever since her lamb has arrived; she has wanted to wear it on her back using my Moby wrap. When she was little I would carry her around in it all the time. So now I've been enjoying watching her carry her little lamb around.  I truly find happiness in being home with my family. How is your time spent at home? I'd love to hear. 

I want to thank those of you who left such kind words on my last blog post Love, happiness, and joy- Embracing this life. {My journey}. I was happy to share parts of my journey with you. You are all so kind, and I really do appreciate all of you.