Friday, January 10, 2014

DIY-3 Tier Play Cake Stand

DIY 3-Tier Play Cake Stand

Our daughter absolutely loves baking in her play kitchen. She enjoys baking pastries, and serving them with tea. I figured I'd make her a 3-tier cake stand. I'm happy with it, and she loves it! Here's what you need to do if you would like to make...

 Empty box
 glue stick
 hot glue gun
 craft paper
  3 TP rolls

Start off by finding a round object. Using your marker trace your round object on your empty box. I used a medium size box and traced out 3 circles. Once you are finished cut each circle out. 

Next,using your marker trace 3 circles onto your craft paper. Cut them all out and glue the craft paper on your cut out box pieces.  

Take your 3 tp rolls and glue some craft paper around each one. Once that is finished,take your hot glue gun and start gluing each tp roll to your cut out circle pieces. You may have to hold each piece down for a few. Making sure it doesn't come apart. 

You're all done!
 I hope you enjoy this simple DIY project. :)