Thursday, January 16, 2014

Preparing dinner...

Over the years preparing dinner in our home has changed quite a bit. There once was a time that it was just my husband and I. Before we even came across our pug, and had our beautiful daughter. Those were the times we would sip on a glass of wine, and enjoy some one on one conversation. We would laugh, and just enjoy our time together preparing a meal.

 Now that we have our pug and our little one...I often find myself tripping over a sneaky pug trying to sneak in the kitchen. Our daughter yells,"Get out of the kitchen".
Our daughter normally stands on her play stool and says; "Mommy, let me help you make food".  I'm always delighted to have her help. I turn on our tiny kitchen radio and we sing while washing, chopping, and gathering ingredients for our meal. 

I've been making decaf iced tea, and using the In the raw monk fruit sweetener. It's definitely a change, but a good change. We have even switched to decaf coffee.-We have our reasons. :)  So while preparing dinner; my husband and I will chat over an evening cup of coffee. It's nice and relaxing. But I don't want to lead you on to thinking it never gets hectic while I prepare dinner. Oh my that would be a lie! It does and I still enjoy those moments we spend in the kitchen as a family. It's strange to think that there was once a time that it was just my husband and I. Now our home seems more lively and vibrant.