Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Friday.

Hooray, it's Friday! -And we're having a lovely day.
My energy is making a comeback, and I'm feeling wonderful.
Jolly Ranchers and Ginger Ale help out when my morning sickness hits.

This morning- our daughter enjoyed dancing around. Of course she asked if I'd dance with her. We boogied to one of her sing along Cd's.- I cherish moments like these. 

I've been blending smoothies.//Simple ones with fruit. This one included raspberries, and milk. 

Bath time- Our daughter enjoys her bath time story books. 

Lunch time- I made grilled cheese, with ham. -Simple and delicious.

Sneaky mom spying through the kitchen window watching our pug soak up some sun.

Food coloring/water-She's creating art. 

My husband was born in Massachusetts, he mentioned Fluffernutter to a co-worker sometime back. This co-worker contacted one of his friends in Boston, who eventually sent him a huge box of this yummy goodness.  My husband arrived home with a huge smile on his face. "Look honey, Fluffernutter straight out of Boston". -I love this man! 

Today has been a good day! I hope you all have a Happy Friday and a lovely weekend spent with love ones. :)