Friday, May 9, 2014

Sites we enjoy (learning together)

We're always exploring and finding new ways to learn. When we aren't painting, building, experimenting, or creating.- We visit a few of our favorite sites.  Below I've provided a  few sites we enjoy visiting from time to time. I've also included a short description for each. -Enjoy

We Give Books-Here you will find a variety of books. Ranges in age and you can also select which book you want to read by selecting the author. (Free)

Abcmouse- We use this site often. You pay monthly and it provides your little one with reading, music, math,  basics-(letters) art &color, music&songs, puzzles&games. We're currently  using the preschool setting on the website. We enjoy combining this with other activities. They also have an area for kids to visit the farm and zoo.

Abcya-I came across this site randomly. I was up one morning searching the web and that's when I saw it. Here you will find activities such as-letters,numbers,shapes, patterns and much more. My daughter enjoys visiting this site and creating her very own art. (create your own pizza,-learning shapes as you create) (Free)

Starfall- This is another site where you can find books and activities to go along with reading.  Learn letters and much more. (Free)

Big Universe- So of course we absolutely love going to the library and checking out books. But if you haven't been able to go and are looking for books to read for your children this site is wonderful. Great for early readers! (Free sample of book, must upgrade to membership to continue reading books on their site)

Storyline Online-This is another great site to visit if you are looking for books to read with your children. This site actually has video/audio of someone reading the book to your child. (Free)

Math-drills- Great site for for kids k-12. It provides math skill worksheets, as well as English skills. (I believe it's free, they provide a few samples and worksheets)

Kaleidoscope Painter-Simple, visit and create art using the Kaleidoscope painter provided on this website. (Free)

Oxford Owl- This site is an online library. Providing a variety of free online eBooks. Great for beginners as well. (Free, of course certain books are for purchase only)

Interactive learning sites- If you visit this site you will find a variety of activities such as, science, interactive musical instruments under the music tab, art, language arts, math, social studies, typing and more. This site is great for all ages. Great site! (Free)