Sunday, May 4, 2014

May...lately {Snapshots}


May has arrived and we're thrilled. With all that has happened-our  truck needing a new transmission and my old camera breaking, we have been fortunate to get things under control. Our truck is currently in the process of being worked on and I was able to purchase a new camera. 

Lately we have enjoyed more simple things. Things aren't as hectic and everyone is smiling. -That of course is always a good thing. I enjoy my time out gardening and my daughter enjoys helping with the flowers. Evenings are spent out on the back porch.-Grilling and catching up over refreshing drinks. 

Indoors we enjoy painting, singing, baking, building blocks and knocking them down. -We all have a good time! Baby girl #2 has been kicking, especially at night. I enjoy these moments. Her sister sings to her and shares her day with her. -I can't help but to smile. 

May has arrived and so has warmer sunshine days. I'm grateful for these simple days. -Welcome May.