Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tea please..

“Drinking tea with a pinch of imagination!” 
―Good reads

It's been raining for the past two days. I absolutely love it and I do wish I owned a pair of rain boots. I'd probably go out and jump in muddy puddles.-Peppa Pig seems to be quoted a lot in our home by our three year old. I can't help but to smile. This weekend we adventured out and did a bit of shopping. We took a short trip to one of my favorite stores, World Market. I always leave picking up more than expected. 

While shopping, we came across a cute tea set for our daughter. 
The set includes:

-1 teapot with lid
-4 cups
-4 plates
-1 creamer
-1 sugar bowl
-4 spoons
-4 towels
12 color paints
-1 paint brush
and instructions for baking your tea set. 

We arrived home and gathered around the table. Outside it was raining, a window slightly opened. The air was fresh and we sat around watching our daughter paint her tea set. -We of course couldn't resist and joined in on some painting. It was a nice relaxing evening. The next morning we enjoyed our tea party. It was simple; we spoke about plans for the day and ate bite size rice cakes. I enjoy days like this.