Tuesday, May 27, 2014

All things.

All things..

Enjoying-warm, simple days.- More family walks and game nights. 
Reading- I often find myself looking through pregnancy magazines. Finding new healthy recipes or eyeing cool baby gadgets.
Cooking-We've enjoyed a few new recipes. Just recently we purchased a jar of Jerk seasoning from World Market. -Grilled jerk chicken, it was delicious! Baked cinnamon roll donuts were also on the menu.
Craving-Blended fruit smoothies, mangoes, avocados and spicy foods.
Capturing- I've been exploring and capturing moments with our camera. A display of flags filled the streets on Memorial Day.-It was a beautiful sight. Each flag gently waving in the breeze. I've also taken quite a few pictures of my growing belly. -It's changing and it's beautiful. 
Preparing- I've taken the time to gather a few baby supplies. Folding and setting items aside.
Feeling - Pretty darn good!  I've been exercising, drinking tons of water and eating fruit. I feel pretty good for entering my 24th week of pregnancy. 
Wanting- More rainy days. -Windows open, fresh breezy air..ah it's lovely.
Expecting- The next few months to fly by.
Wearing- Maxi skirts and dresses. At this point in my pregnancy they are beyond comfortable. 

“Be happy in the moment, that's enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.”