Friday, October 31, 2014

Our week.

This week:

-We had a special play date. Play time and a Halloween craft included. My oldest was thrilled to have her friend over. They played, worked on a craft and ate some delicious blueberry muffins made by my friend.

-Worked on decorating our pumpkins. This year instead of carving pumpkins we decorated one and dressed up the other. -Such a fun time.

-Headed to the library. We checked out some books and attended story time. My oldest danced and played with a few other kids. I take this time and chit chat with a few other moms. -Ah, it's nice.

-We made pumpkin cookies. -Of course we did, it's fall time! ;) 

-I purchased a few more cloth inserts for my cloth diapers. -So far I am absolutely loving this whole cloth diaper experience. - I'll have to post more about it soon! 

-Found a mom and baby yoga video on youtube.- Mum &Baby Yoga. Very cute video. My little one seemed to enjoy the gentle movements. :) And of course I enjoyed the interaction between us.

This week has treated us all well. Later tonight we plan on attending the Fall Fest at our Church. They will have candy, food, hay rides and a few other activities for everyone. What are your plans for Halloween? I'd love to hear them. :)

Hello to all my readers. And a big welcome to my new readers. -So happy to have you here.