Monday, October 27, 2014

Autumn- Tea and coffee for two

I really enjoy this time of the year. The air is cool and sweaters are being worn. I've started to gather mittens and scarves. Preparing us for colder weather. I enjoy making apple cider and having it go through the day in the crock pot. -Smells amazing! We enjoy walks out, a breeze in the air and the sound of the leaves gently falling to the ground. -We're all very happy and content these days. 

Just recently I had the pleasure to enjoy a tea/coffee date with our oldest daughter. Of course it was pretend play. She wanted to be just like mommy and daddy and use the real stuff. I took a used k-cup and cut open the top. We  Used the coffee grinds from that and created our own brew system. Meanwhile, we brewed some tea. I really enjoy play time with her. We take this time to explore, talk and spend that quality mommy/daughter time together. 

As always our time spent together was wonderful.- I absolutely enjoy times like this.
How are you spending your days?