Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Our first weekend in October.

Hello October,
You have been missed dearly. 
We welcomed October with cool temps. It is absolutely gorgeous out with all the autumn colors.
 We had a relaxing weekend. I took out a few autumn decor pieces and arranged them around our home. 
I've completely become obsessed with anything that smells like fall. I normally have my wax burners on, but lately I've been lighting a few candles early morning and late in the evening. Since the weather is cooler, I've been leaving the windows open. I normally open them in the afternoon. This past weekend the girls painted their little pumpkins. This is something we enjoy doing every year during the first weekend of October. 
I baked over the weekend. Pumpkin cookies and banana bread. I really need to use up the rest of our bananas. After all the baking was done, I enjoyed a slice of banana bread with a nice cup of coffee. 
We checked out a few books for the girls at the library and had an evening of reading books, board games and later a movie. The movie was mainly for my husband and I. We watched the movie, Me Before You.  I absolutely loved this movie. It was a nice, relaxing evening for both my husband and I.
Our weekend was wonderful. It was full of laughter, hugs, baking, movies, games and much more. I cherish these moments.