Monday, January 25, 2016

Sweet little hearts.- A simple craft post.

We absolutely love art in our home.
Creating art, and displaying art.
This simple craft project is fun for all ages.

Materials needed:
-watercolor paints
-heart shape cut out (I actually used a cookie cutter to trace my hearts).
- sewing needle
-thread (I used two colors).

First, start off with your paper and watercolor. Create your art. I used a variety of colors. 
Have fun with it.- You can make stripes, dots, and much more.
Once you are finished, allow some time for your art to completely dry. 

Next, you'll want to grab your heart shape cut out, or a heart shaped cookie cutter.
Trace a few hearts over your watercolor art. 
Once that is finished, you'll want to cut each heart out. 

 Next step, grab your thread.- I used pink, and purple.
Pull your thread through the needle and tie the end off in a knot. 
Start off with poking the needle through the front of your first heart.
When poking it through the second heart, poke the needle through the back side.
Continue this pattern until you are done. 
Once you make it to your final heart, cut the thread from the needle and tie off that end. 
You want to make sure you have enough thread on both ends when finished.

Final step...
Find a place in your home where you would love to hang and admire your beautiful watercolor hearts. 


Welcome new readers. I'm so thrilled to have you here.
And a big THANK YOU to all my readers, I've really enjoyed having you
all come on this blogging journey with me.
Stay tuned for more simple crafts.