Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Colorful Coffee Filter Heart wreaths.- Simple craft post

Who says Coffee filters are just for packing coffee grinds in...
This simple, colorful, and fun craft is great for all.

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”— Albert Einstein

Materials needed:
-Coffee filters
-Round plastic lid (I actually used a plastic lid for the back of our wreath).
You can also use cardboard. 
-Paper (this will be used for creating your hearts).
-Paint (we used watercolor paint).

Start off with gathering your coffee filters. 
You'll want to tape off the bottom of each coffee filter. By doing this, it will actually give it some shape. 
Next, apply paint on each coffee filter. I found that using watercolor paint made it easier to apply paint on each filter.

Next, take each filter and tape it to your round plastic/cardboard piece. 
If you are wanting hearts on your wreath, you'll want to take some paper and create hearts.
Paint them, and also you can add some glitter.- This is optional. 
If you're working with little hands, you may want to help them cut each heart out. 

Taking a strip of paper, pull it through the back side of your wreath. Glue off the ends of the strip. (This is how you will hang your wreath).  

Now  it's ready to be displayed.


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