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Transforming a Chocolate Box into a Beautiful Hanging Heart

Chocolates always have a way of making things better, don't they? In this project, we'll repurpose a heart-shaped chocolate box into a beautiful hanging heart decoration that you can proudly display for Valentine's Day. I'll provide you with a list of materials needed and guide you through the simple step-by-step process. So, get ready to give your leftover chocolate box a new lease on life!

hanging heart decoration



One heart-shaped chocolate box

Acrylic paint

One sanding block

Fabric heart garland (I purchased my fabric heart garland at Dollar Tree)


Faux flowers and greenery

Hot glue

Twine or rope


Floral cutters

Prepping the box

I used a heart-shaped box for my project, which had raised letters and hearts design. To prepare the box, I used a sanding block to sand down the lettering and design. It was easier than tearing the packaging paper off. 

Heart-shaped box with sanding block

Applying Acrylic paint

After sanding down the box and cleaning my workspace, I applied acrylic paint with a paintbrush. I chose a lighter pink and white color for my design. 

Heart-shaped box with acrylic paint and paintbrush

Adding fabric garland

Before making any cuts, I wrapped the fabric garland around my heart-shaped box to see how much I needed. Then, I made the necessary cuts and attached the garland to the box with hot glue. I glued the ends at the back of the box.

Heart-shaped box with fabric heart garland

Attaching flowers and greenery

For attaching the flowers and greenery, I used hot glue. I also used floral cutters to cut my flowers and greenery. I played around with the placement before gluing them down. 

Painted heart box with faux flowers

Adding twine or rope

The last step was to add a twine or rope to the back of the box for hanging. I cut a small section of twine and attached it to the back creating a loop at the top. 

Heart-shaped box with floral and twine

Hanging heart decoration
And that's it! I love that I turned a simple heart-shaped chocolate box into a beautiful hanging heart decoration for Valentine's Day with just a few materials. Thank you for visiting and transforming with me.

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  1. Oh what a clever idea! I received a velvet heart chocolate box once and could never throw it out afterwards because it was too pretty. I use it as a decoration on Valentine's Day.

    1. Amy, that sounds so pretty. I would have kept it as well. Thank you for visiting.

  2. This is such a clever idea and it's so cute too. What a great way to use something which might usually go in the bin.

    1. Kim, thank you. Yes, I love a nice project that I can repurpose materials instead of throwing them out. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

  3. Very Sweet Idea, lol. Wonderful idea for kids to do also as a gift for Mom or Grandma. Will have to do this with my grandgirl! Hugs, Sandi

    1. Sandi, thank you. I think that would be super sweet to create with your grandgirl. 😊 I am sure you two would have a wonderful time creating one. Thank you for visiting.

  4. I really wish I wasn't missing the craft gene in my body. This is such a cute way to recycle a box. I have been told to stay away from craft supplies on various occasions! Have a wonderful week!

    1. Jennifer, aw thank you. It's such an easy project as well. Thank you for visiting. 😊

  5. Such a clever upcycle, you really wouldn't have a clue that this started life as a chocolate box. This will be a feature over at Handmade Monday next week :-)

  6. Stopping by from the Create-it Link Party. I love this it's so pretty! I also always love a craft that is upcycled!

    1. Lisa, aw thank you so much. I appreciate it. :)

  7. What a lovely Valentine's Day decoration. I love upcycling crafts!
    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. :)

  8. Stephanie, I love how beautiful your heart box turned out! It's lovely... Would you believe that I have two of those boxes sitting in boxes ready to send to my son and our grandson plus another to my best friend and her adult kids (friends with my kids since birth!) and their children? I need to get a move on and get them in the mail... :) Great project and I'll pass that on to both families!!

    Happy to share your fun Valentine's craft project at this week's Share Your Style #416 for you, <3
    Barb :)

    1. Thank you so much! You are so sweet. I appreciate you visiting and I'm so happy that you enjoyed this craft. ❤️

  9. Candy boxes all over the land are about to get some major makeovers that look even prettier than the originals after this tutorial is spotted! Genius idea, Stephanie! LOVE it as a hanging wreath for a door for Valentine's Day!

    1. You made my day!
      Thank you so very much. πŸ₯° I'm so happy you enjoyed this transformation.


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