Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life lately..

We finally had a down pour of rain the other day here in Colorado. (Something we all wanted to see) With the rain we had some hail, and some flooding. (It wasn't too bad).

 Lately I have been taking our daughter to some of the summer programs at our local library.  The other day was Dino days, so she created a dinosaur mask, and a little puppet. :)

My flowers in my front flowerbed are doing great. My mini rose bush has bloomed with some lovely pink roses.  The other day we spotted a few tomatoes in our vegetable garden. 

I just recently connected with family I had lost contact with for a while, and it feels nice to start over again.

My husband just recently went through our kitchen and wrote "I love you" on an egg in the egg carton, and a banana on the counter. (He does the cutest things!) :)
I am so thankful for each day I wake to a new day filled with love, laughter, and happiness.

Life lately has been wonderful to me.