Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Autumn Finds {A few of my favorites}

Handcrafted from Portugal, I love this coffee cup!
The little hand painted birdies come in yellow, light blue, and a pastel pink.
I've been enjoying my Chai tea in this adorable cup.
I purchased this from Pier 1 Imports.
-Cranberry Woods & Leaves
I absolutely love burning candles, and this fall weather has been amazing for that.
These two scents are perfect for this Autumn weather. My favorite is the Cranberry Woods.
-Purchased from Bath & Body Works
I'm currently wearing AmberBlush mist. This fragrance is light, and smells amazing.
-Purchased from Bath & Body Works.
Cranberry Woods Home Fragrance Oil
I couldn't resist! So I purchased this along with my candles.
-Bath&Body Works
I've had this nail Color for some time now, it's perfect during this time.
And since I've had it for some time the name of the color has rubbed off. :)
It's a dark purple.
It's from China Glaze