Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Mornings normally feel so hectic. At times I feel like I'm rushing to get things done. 
This morning was peaceful, quit relaxing. Yesterday evening I made us some delicious pumpkin scones. I was thrilled to find a new recipe. This morning when every thing was calm, my daughter and I enjoyed our scones.
I was at peace, sitting there giggling and watching my daughter enjoy her sweet pumpkin scones. We had the singer-songwriter station playing in the background. I took this opportunity to catch up on writing in her journal. If you're wondering, I started a journal for my daughter once we brought her home from the hospital back in 2011. It's filled with memories, stories, inspiring messages, and more! Just something she can look back on later on when she's older.  
Even though mornings seem so hectic at times, mornings like this make me realize just how thankful I am to spend it with my love ones. What a beautiful morning.  

Peaceful morning with her pug doll