Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lovely day!

Today it’s beautiful out! (I’m so thankful for the weather we have been having here in Colorado). This morning I ended up taking my daughter to story time. They read a few books, and then the kids all did a craft.
After we went to the park to enjoy this lovely weather, and while we were there I met someone new. Its always nice meeting another mommy. We let our daughters play together, it was really nice. I try and keep my daughter on a schedule so we played for a little at the park, and then we ended up leaving so we could have lunch and she could take her nap.
So lately my daughter is really into her flip books, her favorite is "where is spot" by Eric Hill, she loves flipping each picture open to see what’s behind it. It's really adorable. I usually do different voices for each animal in the book. Does your child enjoy flip books?
How are you enjoying your day today?