Sunday, January 20, 2013

The weather this weekend has been pretty nice here in Colorado. This weekend I just enjoyed being with my family. Saturday I went past any excuses I had keeping me from working out and went for it! I missed my work out on Friday, so I made it up by running a mile, and doing my firm express video. The firm express system is great; it comes with 13 DVDs and has 4 cycles. (Cycle 1- ignite, Cycle 2-accelerate, Cycle 3-turbocharge, and Cycle4-overdrive) I purchased this set on It also comes with a bonus video which is 10 minutes. I completed the 30 days of this system, and now I’ve been adding it in with my regular workout schedule. What do you do to keep motivated? I find that there are times that I am just so tired, but I try and push through.