Monday, January 21, 2013

sleepless night, starbucks, and a much needed nap!

Last night was a sleepless night in our home. Our daughter decided she was not going to sleep in her room, and she cried for me "momma"......over and over, until we just figured it would be easier to bring her to our bed. Well that didn't work and she was tossing and turning. (Oh and kicking, and taking over my pillow)-The joys of parenthood :) It wasn't until around 3 in the morning when she finally called it quits and went back to sleep in her room. Today I had a dental appointment, and ouch! I had some work done, and of course I'm not a big fan of the shots they give, and cringe just thinking about them. But I got that out of the way, and after my husband and I met up at Starbucks. We enjoyed a little family time while we sipped on our coffee. Today I was in need of a nap, and took advantage of it while my daughter napped. My husband ended up cleaning the kitchen for me, which helped out so much. I really appreciate when he does those little things around the house. I’m really hoping tonight we can get some much needed sleep for all of us!