Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fun with Clay :)

This weekend we decided to take a trip to our local craft store. A while back I purchased a book: “What shall we do today?” -with projects by, Catherine Woram. I decided this weekend we would do some molding with clay. My daughter loves getting her hands messy and trying new things.

Boy, we had so much fun.

Materials needed for this project:

1. Air drying clay

2. Rolling pin

3. Assorted cookie cutters

4. Paint dish

5. Paint

(I also used stamps, you could also use beads, or whatever you want to add to your clay after it has taken time to dry completely. Oh and let me not forget you can use a straw or tooth pick to make a hole in the clay, so that it can be worn at a necklace, or even used as an ornament! So many fun things you can do with your clay. Give it a try, and remember get creative with it. :)