Friday, March 8, 2013

Paper bunny bag & paper flowers

Today I decided to do a paper bunny bag/with paper flowers as our activity/craft.
My daughter was very hands on today. She helped with everything (except with cutting the paper flowers). I was pretty amazed at how much she helped out with the craft. Usually when we do a craft I guide her through each step, but this time she was ready and very hands on.
We made a paper bunny bag. Real simple craft for a toddler. For this craft all you need is:

-Craft paper/construction paper
-Glue stick
-pom pom(for the bunny's nose)
-and 1 cotton ball for the bunny's tail. (if you decide to  do one in the back)

Simple, just cut craft paper into two large squares, (for front and back), glue sides,   and bottom of paper together. (It will be a bit narrow) My daughter just wanted to stuff pictures and cards in it afterwards, so it worked out. Cut out some ears and eyes for the bunny, and glue on the pom pom for the bunny's nose. (And if you decide to do a tail in the back you would just glue it onto the back of the bag.

My daughter colored on the bunny's face, and also she colored on the ears.
For the paper flowers, I just cut the paper into round shapes, and used the scissors to make slits down the paper.  And with whatever scrap paper we had left we made those into the flower stems, and the handle for the bag.

And once we were done my little one stuffed cards, and pictures in it! Such a fun, simple craft. -Enjoy :)