Saturday, March 16, 2013

Get to know me :)

So recently I asked a friend to give me a few questions that would help my lovely followers get to know me better. She said it was such a great idea to come up with a few questions so that my followers could get to know me! So here it goes..

Q:Why do you blog?
A:I blog because it's something I enjoy doing. I really enjoy writing, and sharing my thoughts with others.

Q:How many children do you have? And what are their ages?
A:I have just one sweet little toddler. She will be 2 this April :)

Q:What's one thing you hope your little one will always remember?
A:I want her to always remember how much she has truly changed our lives for the better..I know you said one thing..(hehe) but I want her to also know how much she is loved, and that she is beautiful!

Q: What song is currently in your head?
A: Dream, by Priscilla Ahn. (I love her music) youtube video: Priscilla Ahn-Dream

-Some random things about you..
I love Chai tea lattes from Starbucks, I always have hand sanitizer in my bag, I love to dance around with my daughter, I love gardening,  I really enjoy sunsets, Coffee lover, spicy foods are my favorite :)

Q: Where all have you lived?
A: Germany(I was born there). I've lived in Texas, Arizona, and currently in Colorado. (My family was military so we moved around quit a bit.

Q: Best place traveled, and would you go back?
A: Korea! I'm half Korean, so I wanted to explore the motherland :) (My husband was actually stationed out there (Army), and I was able to go out there, and visit.) I would definitely go back! I love Korean food, and the shopping and tours were so nice.

Q:What do you enjoy doing with your family?
A: We enjoy nature walks, craft time, reading together, cooking together, dancing together (just being goofy) :) I really just enjoy every moment spent with my loves.

Q:What would you tell someone in need of a little positive pep talk?
A:You can do whatever you set your mind to, don't let others tell you otherwise. You are capable of doing great things, just believe in yourself. :)