Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cookie & Cake party...oh and a run! :)

It's been such a lovely weekend. We pretty much relaxed, and enjoyed each other's company. The wind has been a bit out of control so we decided to just stay home, and enjoy some quality family time.

This morning my daughter decided to throw a cookie and cake party. I'd have to say cookies and cake for breakfast, pretty awesome if you ask me. ;) (Of course they were her play cookies and and cake we had. I enjoyed watching her set everything up, and she even had daddy sit and join our party.
It's been such a wonderful day.

                                                      {Cookie&Cake Party}
           I purchased these cute wooden cookies, and also the cute cake pieces
            at Target in the dollar section of their store..super cute! :) 

So later on in the morning I went on a run, I ran 2.5 miles, it was great! I haven't been running for a couple of weeks now, just been focusing on my workout videos. I love the feeling I get after a nice run. How has your weekend been?  Hope it's been a lovely one. :)