Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hello little birdie (Diy paper birds)

Lately I've been looking through a few of my craft books, trying to find something new for the little one and I to do. Our daughter is two and is very hands on. So today I decided we would make these cute little paper birdies.

Materials needed:
Paint (or you can use crayons or markers) we used paint
hole puncher 
Paper clips 
Craft paper

It's a very simple project. I just started off with making a bird so that I could us that as a cut out for the rest. Both my daughter and I painted our birds, and allowed them to dry. Later we put the paper clips on each bird, using some tape to keep them in place. Using a hole punch, just punch out one eye on your paper bird. Now place them in a pot, or in your window. They are super cute.