Monday, July 1, 2013

Arts & crafts kind of morning! :)

Hanging paper plate art collage

My daughter had so much fun with this one.
(It was a little messy, but so worth it)
I set a few beads, glitter, markers, paint, chalk, and yarn (for hanging)
I just let my daughter go at it. She was definitely a little artist.
After I just punch two holes in it, and hang it up so you can admire your little one's awesome artwork. :)
Popsicle Stick People 
We have so many popsicle sticks left, so of course why not make popsicle stick people!
I took out some washi tape, craft paper, markers, and glue. This craft, my daughter needed some  help. So I helped her make the faces, and she picked out the clothes for her popsicle stick people.
We made a few creative hair-do's and what do you know, all done! Pretty simple, and let me not forget, tons of fun for the little ones after.