Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekend (Family time)

This weekend the rain rolled in, and I was one happy camper. It was nice to see some rain here in Colorado. The sound of the rain against the window sounds so peaceful. We watched the lightening off in the distance, and heard the thunder rumble as we sat out on the patio.

We took our daughter to the park. We lost track of the time. We played on the slides, climbed on a  few monkey bars, and played some drums, and did some rattling. Sunshine, laughter, and just being with our daughter was blissful.

My husband and I like to sit out and enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the evenings, once the air is cool, and the sun is setting. (It's just so beautiful) We enjoyed some food off the grill, and later played with some blocks with our daughter. We piled a few pillows  together on the ground and read through a few books. (Right now our daughter's favorite book seems to be: Big Dog....Little Dog, by P.D Eastman.) When we all lay together on the ground this seems to be the time that our pug takes advantage and tries to snuggle on one of our laps.

I spent some time out in my flower garden, I noticed there were a few new flowers that have bloomed. I am loving the beautiful colors. I can't wait to see how my wild flowers will look once they bloom.  My vegetables are doing great. We now have some tomatoes, and peppers. I've been catching our pug eating the cilantro, and oregano. (He's a sneaky one)

As always the weekend was lovely. How did you spend your weekend?